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Kamstrupp's Wow-Effect: Re-Examined and Expanded

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Cultural Studies of Science Education Volume 11, Number 4, ISSN 1871-1502


This review examines Anne Katrine Kamstrupp's article "The wow-effect in science teacher education; technology; sociomateriality." In the discussion below we explore three key areas of her ethnographic research. First, we reconsider Kamstrupp's article through the lens of technology as a pedagogical choice and philosophy. This is followed by our discussion of aspects of her study within the context of a basic understanding that entry-level pre-service teachers need to fully understand both the process of learning and scientific principles as these are important foundational factors in determining whether or not the wow-effect will occur as expected. Finally, our review team presents multiple areas in Kamstrupp's article as potential points for further elaboration. [Forum response to Kamstrupp, A. (2015). "The Wow-Effect in Science Teacher Education; Ttechnology; Sociomateriality" (EJ1121619).]


King, E.M., Dickmann, E.M. & Johnson, B.Z. (2016). Kamstrupp's Wow-Effect: Re-Examined and Expanded. Cultural Studies of Science Education, 11(4), 899-908. Retrieved August 21, 2019 from .

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