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Development and Validation of Yoga Video Package and Its Effectiveness on Depression, Anxiety and Stress of School Teachers


Journal on School Educational Technology Volume 7, Number 1, ISSN 0973-2217


Teaching once was considered as a noble job but, within the last decade it has become an increasingly stressful profession for school teachers. Increased work load, insufficient salary package, fast changing curriculum, increase in the responsibilities of the students, modern fast mechanical life, conflicts with the colleagues and with higher authorities have made the teaching profession more stressful. This stress ultimately gives rise to many other psychological problems like depression, anxiety, etc. A lot of physiological problems like changes in blood pressure, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, heart problems, respiratory problems, eating disorders, sleep disorders, etc. arise as a result of job stress. This will finally affect their work efficiency and they also tend to pour down these effects on the school children. It also leads to miserable classroom environment, thereby affecting the learning process of the children. The long search for a natural healing remedy for psychological problems like Depression, Anxiety and Stress finally lead to a scientifically proven technology called YOGA. Yoga is a science that has been practiced for thousands of years and is said to be a magical natural remedy for all psychological maladies. So an attempt has been made in this study to use this Yogic Technology, on school teachers. A special video package has been designed based on the above said psychological problems of school teachers and it is tested on them. A significant reduction in Depression, Anxiety and Stress was found in school teachers after yoga training. So it is suggested to include a short Yoga training for future school teachers which will help them manage their psychological problems and improve their Professional Excellence.


Selvi, B.T. & Thangarajathi, S. (2011). Development and Validation of Yoga Video Package and Its Effectiveness on Depression, Anxiety and Stress of School Teachers. Journal on School Educational Technology, 7(1), 48-56. Retrieved February 16, 2020 from .

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