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Towards Increasing Upper Egyptian Student Teachers' Potentials to Emerge into the 21st Education Platform

International Education Studies Volume 11, Number 10, ISSN 1913-9020


The Ministry of Education in Egypt (MOE) has worked very hard to launch different initiatives to improve the Egyptian education system by using Information and Communication Technology (ICTs). The current research seeks to explore how Asyut student teachers perceive the upshots of these initiatives. Results are expected to shed light on the overall teacher education process in Asyut University and its role in preparing 21st century teachers. The current research is evolved to answer the following questions: (1) How Asyut student teachers describe their investment of ICTs to achieve academic purposes?; (2) How Asyut student teachers describe their ICTs competencies?; and (3) How Asyut student teachers classify obstacles hindering the enhancement of their ICTs competencies? Results authenticate the growing awareness Asyut student teachers developed about ICTs and how it has become a substantial component of everyday 21st century education experience. They understand that it has become their gateway to the 21st century teaching platform. In the meantime, they recognize that their ability to successfully integrate ICTs into their teaching practice is a complex and multifaceted process. The current research adds to the body of literature in a few ways. Through analyzing the gains and drawbacks, Egyptian teacher education experienced in its attempt to integrate ICTs into teachers' preparation process. The current research recommends: first, improving the existing training mechanism; second, ensuring funds will have the biggest impact on the largest number of student teachers; finally, getting training right is a priority.


El-Halawany, H.S.E.D.M. (2018). Towards Increasing Upper Egyptian Student Teachers' Potentials to Emerge into the 21st Education Platform. International Education Studies, 11(10), 1-15. Retrieved December 7, 2023 from .

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