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Learning Attitude, Motivation and Preferences of Online Learners

, Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) IJniversity, Bhopal ; , Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi ; , , Indira Gandhi National Open University,New Delhi ; , University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Indian Journal of Open Learning Volume 12, Number 3, ISSN 0971-2690 Publisher: Indira Gandhi National Open University


In the present paper, we report our study on attitude, motivationand preferences of online learners in two open universities in India. We have investigated, on a sample of 272 online learners, areas such as difficulties faced in web-based learning, and the preferences for plalforms, support structure, mode of interaction, and pedagogic and technological ingredients for successful online self-learning. The findings show that the online learners preferred web-based learning supported by printed self-learning materials, and some form of online and/or f2f interaction. The other support structures included email facility with instructor and peers, interactive materials on CDROM, and web-based materials. The preferred web-based components included images, video clips, animation, audio and hyperlinks. The preferred modes of interaction were suggested to include discussion groups, online assignment and feedback, voice-based online chatting and online mentoring support.


Dikshit, J., Gaba, A., Bhushan, S., Garg, S. & Panda, S. (2003). Learning Attitude, Motivation and Preferences of Online Learners. Indian Journal of Open Learning, 12(3), 149-167. Indira Gandhi National Open University. Retrieved August 14, 2020 from .