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Forensic Technologies in the Courtroom: A Multi-Disciplinary Analysis

, , City University of Seattle, Seattle, United States

IJSEUS Volume 9, Number 4, ISSN 2574-8254 Publisher: IGI Global


Forensic animation is the use of digital animation technologies to recreate or simulate an event for use as probative evidence in a court proceeding. Acceptance by courts of this technology varies by jurisdiction. Some courts disallow its use because of the technology's prejudicial impact when weighed against the probative value and perceived tendency to bias jurors; such courts typically do not consider the relevant legal psychology research. This article examines the body of scientific evidence with respect to value of the technology, with a focus on criminal proceedings. It concludes with a policy recommendation for courts to employ in light of these considerations.


Sainato, V. & Giner, J. (2018). Forensic Technologies in the Courtroom: A Multi-Disciplinary Analysis. International Journal of Smart Education and Urban Society, 9(4), 15-28. IGI Global. Retrieved December 16, 2019 from .