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Educazione all'imprenditorialit: spunti di riflessione

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Italian Journal of Educational Technology Volume 22, Number 2, ISSN 2532-4632 e-ISSN 2532-4632 Publisher: Edizioni Menabò - Menabò srl, Ortona, Italy


This contribution deals with Entrepreneurship Education (EE), a growing area of education that reaches beyond the strict confines of economics and business studies. Indeed, the fundamental aim of EE is to develop an entrepreneurially oriented mindset. While this does involve providing learners with specific business skills, it also means fostering general competencies such as self-confidence, creativity, communication and collaboration.After briefly outlining the EE scene in Italy, the paper reports a field experience carried out in the framework of the European project calledeSG. It also offers some reflections about the suitability and effectiveness of activities based on innovative learning tools such as serious games and on non-traditional educational strategies like gamification.


Antonaci, A., Bellotti, F., Berta, R., Dagnino, F., De Gloria, A., Lavagnino, E. & Ott, M. (2014). Educazione all'imprenditorialit: spunti di riflessione. Italian Journal of Educational Technology, 22(2), 68-73. Ortona, Italy: Edizioni Menabò - Menabò srl. Retrieved January 19, 2020 from .