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Imparare ad imparare con le tecnologie

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Italian Journal of Educational Technology Volume 17, Number 1, ISSN 2532-4632 e-ISSN 2532-4632 Publisher: Edizioni Menabò - Menabò srl, Ortona, Italy


Views of what you did in Italy in the field of self 'learning (Self-Regulated Learning, LLC) in relation to technology. Are considered three categories: research sulIe empowering' metacognitive involved in the use of the Web; studies addressed the design and development of systems that promote I'SRL; research on the relationship between SRL and collaborative learning network.


Delfino, M., Dettori, G. & Persico, D. (2009). Imparare ad imparare con le tecnologie. Italian Journal of Educational Technology, 17(1), 51. Ortona, Italy: Edizioni Menabò - Menabò srl. Retrieved February 19, 2020 from .