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Lettera ai lettori

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Italian Journal of Educational Technology Volume 25, Number 1, ISSN 2532-4632 e-ISSN 2532-4632 Publisher: Edizioni Menabò - Menabò srl, Ortona, Italy


Dear readers,it is with great pleasure that we announce some exciting news about our journal.First and foremost, TD Tecnologie Didattiche has changed title to Italian Journalof Educational Technology (IJET).While still in line with the former title, the new one will help us make the journalbetter known around the globe and improve outreach to an international audience.This change has not been an easy decision to make; founded in 1993, TDTecnologie Didattiche was the very first journal on educational technology in Italy,and has developed an important tradition and reputation. However, we hope thenew title will help us to retain our faithful national readers and authors and, at thesame time, allow us to reach a much wider audience of researchers and practitionersoutside the country.As you might have noted, the journal cover has also changed, together with itsstyle, size and graphical/typographical layout. This brings the journal into line withscholarly publications in our sector and makes it more readable on mobile devices.In addition to this, we are working towards the objective of having the journalindexed in some of the major bibliographic databases (presently, we are on GoogleScholar and DOAJ).We hope you will welcome these changes and keep reading and considering IJET asa possible avenue for your publications.Don\u2019t forget to subscribe to the journal online ( to receive thecalls for papers and new issue alerts! You can also follow IJET on Facebook, if you wish to keep in touch with the latest news.Please spread the news and invite your colleagues to read and publish in the ItalianJournal of Educational Technology!Donatella Persico, Stefania Manca and Francesca Pozzi


Persico, D., Manca, S. & Pozzi, F. (2017). Lettera ai lettori. Italian Journal of Educational Technology, 25(1), 3. Ortona, Italy: Edizioni Menabò - Menabò srl. Retrieved February 21, 2020 from .