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Education Blended with Yoga--A Solution for Youth Risk Behavior


Journal on School Educational Technology Volume 6, Number 1, ISSN 0973-2217


All teenagers take risks as a normal part of growing up. Risk-taking is the tool an adolescent uses to define and develop his or her identity, and healthy risk-taking is a valuable experience. Healthy adolescent risk-taking behaviors which tend to have a positive impact on an adolescent's development can include participation in sports, the development of artistic and creative abilities, volunteer activities, travel, running for school office, making new friends, constructive contributions to the family or community, and others. Negative risk-taking behaviors which can be dangerous for adolescents include drinking, smoking, drug use, reckless driving, unsafe sexual activity, disordered eating, self-mutilation, running away, stealing, gang activity, and others. Substance abuse leads to negative outcomes such as unemployment, adolescent pregnancy, drug or alcohol addiction, or imprisonment. Unprotected sex is the primary form of HIV transmission among young people, and every day around 6,000 young people are infected with the virus. Girls aged 15-19 account for one in four unsafe abortions-about 5 million each year. In Nepal and Indonesia, almost 60 % of all males aged 15-24 are smokers. Half of all murders and violent crimes in Jamaica are committed by males aged 18-25, who make up 10 % of the population. These youth risk behaviors will not only hinder their development and their future but also will corrupt the society and finally the country. There is a very effective technology that can deal with human body, mind and soul which will help in coordinating of all the three and prevent corruption of any one of them. This is nothing but the Yogic technology called YOGA. Education when blended with Yoga can avoid all youth risk behaviors and shape them well enough to become the best citizens in the world. (The article contains a bibliography.)


Selvi, B.T. & Thangarajathi, S. (2010). Education Blended with Yoga--A Solution for Youth Risk Behavior. Journal on School Educational Technology, 6(1), 7-13. Retrieved January 18, 2020 from .

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