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Software Reviews

Computing Teacher Volume 1983, Number 1, ISSN 0278-9175


Reprinted from "The Computing Teacher," this document contains software reviews for 23 computer programs that educators could use in the classroom or for administrative purposes. Each review describes the program by listing the program title, subject, producer, grade level (if applicable), hardware required, cost, and reviewer's name and professional affiliation. In addition, some reviews contain the program author or publisher's response to the critique. Programs reviewed include: (1) Gertrude's Secrets; (2) Gertrude's Puzzles; (3) Rocky's Boots; (4) The Print Shop; (5) Letters and First Words; (6) Delta Drawing; (7) Turtle Tracks; (8) Microcomputer Physics Lab--Heat; (9) Precision Timer; (10) Graphical Analysis; (11) Ray Tracer; (12) Characteristics of a Scientist; (13) Geography Search; (14) Kidwriter; (15) Story Maker; (16) Bank Street Story Book; (17) Story Tree; (18) Bank Street Writer; (19) Bank Street Speller; (20) Appleworks; (21) Quill; (22) Musicland; and (23) Bank Street Musicwriter. (JB)


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