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[The Computing Teacher. Selected Articles on Computer Literacy.]

Computing Teacher Volume 1983, Number 1, ISSN 0278-9175


This document consists of a compilation of nine articles, on computer literacy, that have been extracted from the 1984-1985 issues of the journal "The Computing Teacher". The articles include: (1) "ICLEP (Individual Computer Literacy Education Plan): A Powerful Idea" (David Moursund); (2) "Computers, Kids, and Values" (Stephen J. Taffee); (3) "Educational Software Reviews: Where Are They?" (Steven Brown, George C. Grossman, and Nicola Polson); (4) "Preparing Computer-Using Educators" (Margaret L. Moore); (5) "Making the Computer Neutral" (Jo Shuchat Sanders); (6) "Databasing in the Elementary (and Secondary) Classroom" (Kathy Pon); (7) "A Road Atlas for Computer Literacy and Teacher Training" (William E. Baird); (8) "Problem Solving with Data Bases" (Beverly Hunter); and (9)"Starting from Square 1" (Norma C. Piper). Sources for educational software reviews, including review journals and reports, educational computing journals, educational periodicals, and other sources are listed by Brown, Grossman, and Polson, and computer education guidelines for teacher certification and elementary, secondary, and administrator computer literacy competencies are suggested by Moore. (JB)


Moursund, D. (1985). [The Computing Teacher. Selected Articles on Computer Literacy.]. Computing Teacher, 1983(1),. Retrieved October 18, 2019 from .

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