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Using Technology to Reduce Attrition of Doctoral Students


Journal of Educational Technology Volume 3, Number 4, ISSN 0973-0559


Attrition of doctoral students at the rate of 50-60% of those who enter the program, suggests the need to examine alternative strategies within educational institutions in working with doctoral students. The purpose of this paper is to suggest how incorporating Internet technology might be one alternative in reducing attrition in doctoral programs. In 2005, Denecke wrote "Research has shown that the majority of students, including minority students, who enter into doctoral programs have the academic ability to complete the degree." Students with academic ability to complete the program should not be lost due to attrition. The Pfizer team is to be commended on their social contributions in deeply researching all components of this problem. Incorporating technology to change the attrition culture can have some short-term benefits towards reducing losses. High attrition losses are of no benefit to the students, the educational institution, or to the nation. So specific strategies to retain doctoral students should be formulated in the future.


Turner, F. & Igein, G. (2007). Using Technology to Reduce Attrition of Doctoral Students. Journal of Educational Technology, 3(4), 48-50. Retrieved December 7, 2023 from .

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