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Mediating Authentic Learning: The Use of Wiki's and Blogs in an Undergraduate Curriculum in South Africa

International Conference on Educational Technologies (ICEduTech),


Over the past few years, the virtual landscape of South African higher education institutions has changed as a result of ubiquitous and ever-present technological initiatives that can potentially provide students with a flexible learning space. Within these learning spaces, Web 2.0 tools have transformed educators' pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning and its impact on students. To this end, emerging technologies tools such as wiki's and blogs provide a powerful opportunity to increase collaboration, and enhance student engagement. These educational technology tools has the potential to provide students who are located in resource poor institutions, the much needed digital literary skills required for the 21st century workplace. Hence, the pedagogical value of wiki's and blogs is worth further scrutiny. For the purpose of this study, a wiki task was designed to include the nine elements of authentic learning in order to improve collaboration and engagement. Alongside this, students used a blog as a reflective tool in order to document their experiences using emerging technologies in the classroom. Reflective practices in education have in many ways shown to have value and therefore blog posts were used to allow students to reflect on their learning experiences as well as a discussion forum within a blended learning environment. Therefore the aim of this exploratory study was to investigate how emerging technologies mediate authentic learning in sport science education. Participants for this study were conveniently selected from a group of students (N = 88) in their second year of study towards a sport science degree which is located within a health sciences discipline. This paper drew on the students' reflective experiences after an authentic wiki-based task where a total of 67 reflective blog post summaries were analysed using a qualitative methodological approach. A thematic content analysis was conducted on the written blog reflections using the nine elements of authentic learning as an analytical framework. This paper proposes that educators be mindful of authentic learning principles when designing learning activities aimed at increasing collaboration and engagement. This paper concludes that educational technology tools transformed students' learning experiences and mediated learning, engagement and collaboration in a meaningful way. [For full proceedings, see ED557168.]


Titus, S. (2013). Mediating Authentic Learning: The Use of Wiki's and Blogs in an Undergraduate Curriculum in South Africa. Presented at International Conference on Educational Technologies (ICEduTech) 2013. Retrieved August 7, 2020 from .

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