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Professional Learning to Nurture Adaptive Teachers

International Conference on Educational Technologies (ICEduTech),


This paper presents the findings of a study conducted in China to identify the potential benefits of incorporating robotics as an educational tool for 100 primary and 320 secondary school teachers of general technology. The Professional Learning Program was conducted from 2010-2013 in China. The major focus of the program was on the development within the teacher participants of knowledge, attitudes, habits-of-mind, skills and confidence necessary for the successful enactment of the curriculum reforms. It aimed to facilitate the development of "adaptive expertise" in using technology to facilitate innovative teaching and learning in Chinese classrooms. The study found that teachers made substantial progress towards the development of adaptive expertise as manifested not only by advances in the teachers' repertoires of pedagogical content knowledge but also in changes to their levels of confidence and identities as teachers. Although the study occurred in China, many of the issues with respect to professional learning by teachers are not unique to China. Thus many of the key issues identified in this study have wider implications for professional learning programs in other countries introducing student-oriented reforms in schools. [Additional funds for this project were provided by Semia Ltd. Beijing. For full proceedings, see ED557168.]


Lee, K.T. (2013). Professional Learning to Nurture Adaptive Teachers. Presented at International Conference on Educational Technologies (ICEduTech) 2013. Retrieved July 12, 2020 from .

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