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Malaysian polytechnic lecturers' teaching practices with ICT utilization to promote higher-order thinking skills

, Iowa State University, United States

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In recent years, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been having a significant impact in the field of education, and as a result drawing considerable attention. The advent of the digital and information age has made the development of critical and creative thinking, and higher-order thinking skills (HOTs) vital to future success. Thus, experiences that expose students at higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy in constructivist-based learning environments are becoming an increasing practice. Take for example a country like Malaysia where ICT is becoming more and more pervasive in today's polytechnic institutions; however, very little is understood of polytechnic lecturers' perceptions of the utilization of ICT to promote HOTs. This research study is set out to address these issues by discovering the lecturers' teaching experiences and practices concerning the ICT utilization to promote HOTs in their course instruction at Malaysian polytechnics.

Surveys to collect quantitative and qualitative data were administered to 700 polytechnic lecturers at three selected Malaysian polytechnics, and an analysis of lecturer-made lesson plans was conducted. A 75-item survey instrument with a Likert-type scale was used to investigate factors and lecturers' perceptions of the importance of teaching methods, strategies, barriers, and ICT utilization to promote HOTs teaching and learning. A total of 389 surveys were returned for an overall response rate of 56%, and thirty-five lesson plans of engineering mathematics courses were analyzed. Descriptive and inferential statistics were conducted using STATA software, and the qualitative data were analyzed pertained to the element of HOTs level (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) and the use of ICT.

Findings showed that significant differences were found between high group and low group of lecturers' ICT utilization on level of support and training, and confidence level into their teaching practices to promote HOTs. Lecturers across demographic factors acknowledged that HOTs teaching practices were influenced by variety of teaching methods. In sum, Malaysian polytechnic lecturers' perception on teaching practices to promote of HOTs appears to be a significant issue, and they recognized the use of ICT in their course instruction. However, their teaching practices with ICT utilization in mathematic classrooms were not thoroughly carried out in ways that would facilitate HOTs among students. The "incongruence" between polytechnic lecturers' perceptions and their teaching practices as intended by the Malaysian polytechnic curriculum and Malaysia's ICT policy in education might affect the success of promotion HOTs outcomes in polytechnic educational settings. Recommendations on professional development and training in ICT integration, HOTs teaching-learning strategies, and constructivist practices were offered.


Ali, S.N. Malaysian polytechnic lecturers' teaching practices with ICT utilization to promote higher-order thinking skills. Ph.D. thesis, Iowa State University. Retrieved March 22, 2023 from .

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