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ICT literacies: An investigation of the digital divide in middle and high school classrooms

, Capella University, United States

Capella University . Awarded


Information in the twenty-first century is presented in a robust manner on the Internet, which is communicated not only in written words, but also in pictures, sounds, and video. While the concept of ICT literacies is relatively new, value is increasingly becoming affixed to it, as technology remains omnipresent in all facets of life. In order for students to become increasingly literate and be able to adequately function in today’s world, they must be skilled in new literacies requiring educators to adjust pedagogical. The purpose of this study was to investigate how ICT literacies have been incorporated in teacher pedagogical practices in the middle and high school setting. Specifically, this study examined the pedagogical, ideological and external factors that influence teachers’ incorporation of ICT literacies in the middle and high school settings. Quantitative research methods in the form of a descriptive online survey were used in order to collect data. Participants were representative of the target population of middle and high school teachers in the United States, between 21 and 65 years of age, with varying degrees of years of experience in grades 6-12, in the United States. Data analysis was conducted with ANOVA and Comparison of Means. The findings of this study revealed that of the pedagogical, ideological and external factors analyzed there were significant differences in mean ANOVA scores in the category of using ICT innovatively for both the home use groups and classroom use groups as well as in personal learning of ICT for home use only. The study found that the amount of time teachers use computers on a regular basis is critical to their ICT literacy development and the importance placed on ICT in the classroom. Time for exploration allows teachers to develop deep familiarity with technology enabling them to apply ICT in order to improve student learning.


Fazioli, P.M. ICT literacies: An investigation of the digital divide in middle and high school classrooms. Ph.D. thesis, Capella University. Retrieved November 13, 2019 from .

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