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Taiwanese-American computer professionals as facilitators of their children's Webpage creation

, The Ohio State University, United States

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This research investigated how a group of Taiwanese-American parents facilitated their children's learning to create their Web pages at home. The participants are children and their parents. All the young children participating are Taiwanese Americans born in the United States. At least one of each set of parents immigrated from Taiwan. In six stories, I explored the ways that the parents assisted their children in developing Web pages, and the participants' attitudes toward the World Wide Web and Web design.

Qualitative case study methods guided this study. The techniques of data collection included a grounded survey, interviews, participant observation, journals, and audio- and videotaping. A dual perspective, compatible to a sociocultural perspective, grounded in Vygotsky's idea of a “zone of proximal development” and the ideas of Confucius aided my analysis of the data.

This research finds that these Taiwanese parents were good facilitators in this Web activity, capably guiding their young children into development of their Web pages. Some positive facilitating factors such as approval, reassurance, patience, and personal concern are found in the family context. A Web page design activity can obviously provide the family with a chance to become more aware of its own learning culture, while allowing the young children to exercise more control over their learning process.

There seems to be a relationship between the parents' personal attitude toward the Web and the way in which they served as facilitators. The more positive the attitude of the parent, the more enjoyment the parents and the children displayed during the Web design process. In addition, these Taiwanese-American parents, to a certain degree, have high educational expectations of their children's performance not only in schoolwork but also in any learning activity.


Fang, Y.L. Taiwanese-American computer professionals as facilitators of their children's Webpage creation. Ph.D. thesis, The Ohio State University. Retrieved January 27, 2022 from .

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