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The role of reading instruction and the effect of a reading management system on at-risk students

, Saint Louis University, United States

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The purpose of this investigation was to examine the effect of a reading management system, Accelerated Reader, on the norm referenced scores of selected second through sixth grade at-risk and not at-risk students over a three-year period of time. This was to determine if there was any significant change in the scores between students who utilized Accelerated Reader in addition to the basal reading program, and those who did not, on their norm curve equivalent reading, norm curve equivalent total change, reading scale, and total scale scores on the CTBS Terra Nova test.

The population involved in the study included 141 students over a period of three years at two Title I suburban schools. These students were disaggregated into stratified groups (at-risk and not at-risk) of three cohorts of students who had taken the CTBS Terra Nova test for three consecutive years at the experimental and control Title I schools. The at-risk group at the control school (Beta) consisted of thirty-one students. The at-risk group at the experimental school (Alpha) consisted of thirty-eight students. The not at-risk group at the control school consisted of seventy-two students.

The study utilized a multivariate analysis of variance with the risk and not at-risk cohort groups as independent variables and the rate of changes, declines or improvements in each test (Read SS, Total SS, NCER, NCET), as dependent variables. Three null hypotheses were formulated to test for statistically significant changes between the cohorts. The researcher used a 2 x 3 analysis of variance approach to test for differences according to treatment condition. The study resulted in two statistically significant changes in reading and total scale scores, with the youngest cohort of second through fourth grade students showing the greatest improvement or gain.


Kambarian, V.N. The role of reading instruction and the effect of a reading management system on at-risk students. Ph.D. thesis, Saint Louis University. Retrieved November 13, 2019 from .

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