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Technology as a tool: Uses in differentiated curriculum and instruction for gifted learners

, University of Southern California, United States

University of Southern California . Awarded


This study was conducted to understand how teachers of gifted and talented students perceive their own knowledge of pedagogy, content, and technology based on the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge framework (TPACK). The study also asked teachers what technologies they would use in a differentiated curriculum and instructional lesson set and were accompanied by a set of rationale choices for teacher selection uncovering a relationship between teachers' self-perceptions of technology knowledge in content and pedagogy and technology selections within the differentiated lesson set.

A mixed methods approach was used to gather data through a quantitative and qualitative survey. Teachers reported moderate to high self-perceptions within the seven knowledge domains of the TPACK framework. Teachers rated themselves highest in pedagogy and content, yet the addition of technology to these domains lowered teachers' self-perceptions. Overall teachers favored five technology selections in the Differentiated Lesson Set: document camera, Internet, computer, interactive whiteboard, and PowerPoint. The most frequent rationale given for technology choices was the clarification of student understanding. The results of the study indicate a pronounced teacher-directed use of technology in contrast to self-perceptions of knowledge.

The study implies that although teachers of gifted learners are aware of many technologies, they select from a limited scope of choices. Lack of available technology in schools could have been a determinant in teacher decision-making. This reveals the need for teachers to understand how technology skills and standards are connected to principles of differentiation of curriculum and instruction for gifted learners. It is suggested that professional development for teachers of gifted learners include theory-based technology integration that is aligned with the needs of gifted learners and their technological strengths.


McGuire, M.S. Technology as a tool: Uses in differentiated curriculum and instruction for gifted learners. Ph.D. thesis, University of Southern California. Retrieved September 22, 2021 from .

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