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Conception d'un logiciel multimédia d'aide à la compréhension écrite en FL2

, Universite de Montreal , Canada



The objectives of this dissertation were: (1) to demonstrate that an adequate theoretical basis exists in the fields of psychology and pedagogy of reading for designing a multimedia software for enhancing second language reading comprehension by providing a three way subtitled preview (reversed-bi-modal-standard); (2) to generate the design of a second language reading program that corresponds to the theory and document the programming component of a first prototype version of the tool; (3) to present the methodology and results of an initial formative evaluation demonstrating that the design meets criteria for utilization in the light of the problem being addressed.

With respect to operational characteristics, the results of the formative evaluation showed through an evaluation form that the prototype toot software met the criteria for utilization, with respect to promoting reading comprehension of a narrative. Students considered that learner control and subtitling helped comprehension. They evaluated the standard subtitling as being the most beneficial although the data observed on a comprehensive test showed that no specific form of subtitling had an impact on comprehension.


Bolla, C. Conception d'un logiciel multimédia d'aide à la compréhension écrite en FL2. Ph.D. thesis,. Retrieved November 13, 2019 from .

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