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Preface: An Evolutionary Decade

, DePaul University, United States

JITE-Research Volume 10, Number 1, ISSN 1539-3585 Publisher: Informing Science Institute


As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Journal of Information Technology Education, it is fitting to pause and reflect on the journal's growth over the years. Eli Cohen began the journal in 2002, with an original group of six editors. When I was promoted to Editor-in-Chief in January 2005, that original group had grown to nine editors from six countries on four continents. Now, as we celebrate our tenth anniversary, we have more than 20 editors from a dozen countries on 5 continents. The number of editors was expanded to keep pace with the rapid growth in the number of papers submitted. Much of that growth is due to the journal's adherence to the vision and values of the Informing Science Institute.


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