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The Power of "e": Extending the "E" in ACE

Australian Journal of Adult Learning Volume 49, Number 2, ISSN 1443-1394


Over the past decade or so, an educational evolution has been redefining our understanding and practices of adult community education (ACE) in profound and comprehensive ways. The name of this transformation is e-learning. A bountiful interpretation and practice of "e-learning" in ACE results inevitably in extending our educational work; its presence automatically extends the WHY (our purpose), the WHO (our community), the WHEN (the timing), the WHERE (the learning spaces), the WHAT (the scope), the WHAT FOR (the learning achievements) and the HOW (the modes, methods and media). In other words, the power of "e" as a multidimensional force in "e-learning", and the way it extends meanings, values, ideals, purposes, practices and participants in ACE, means it redefines our understanding of education itself. As a consequence, e-learning has given us new possibilities of connectedness, community, democracy, global citizenship, lifelong learning, transformational learning, learning to learn, critical literacy and much else.


Bradshaw, D. (2009). The Power of "e": Extending the "E" in ACE. Australian Journal of Adult Learning, 49(2), 364-381. Retrieved December 9, 2021 from .

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