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Vocabulary Assistance before and during Reading


Reading in a Foreign Language Volume 20, Number 2, ISSN 1539-0578


Intermediate learners of Spanish read a Spanish newspaper article with vocabulary assistance either before reading, while reading, both, or without any such assistance. Reading performance was significantly better for students receiving vocabulary assistance during reading, but not for those receiving it before reading. Reading time of the newspaper article was less for students receiving prereading vocabulary assistance, but total lesson time (the prereading time plus reading time) was more for those students. Given the particular activities of this study, a vocabulary activity before reading appears to speed up reading without affecting comprehension, while vocabulary assistance during reading appears to improve comprehension without affecting speed.


Alessi, S. & Dwyer, A. (2008). Vocabulary Assistance before and during Reading. Reading in a Foreign Language, 20(2), 246-263. Retrieved May 19, 2022 from .

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