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WebNet World Conference on the WWW and Internet, in Honolulu, Hawaii Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Chesapeake, VA


When doing eCommerce on the Internet the various country-specific legislations are often a potential risk to companies that want to leverage the global aspect of the Internet and new markets. Especially data protection and copyright represent two of the main hurdles - just by comparing the US situation to the European situation one can see the legal difficulties emerging out of real global eCommerce. The data protection directive 95/46/EC that is effective since 24th October 1998 has an enormous impact on multinational companies and such companies that operate globally but process their data outside of the European Union. The directive restricts process of of data from EU citizens outside the European Union if the country/specific organization that would like to process the data does not have adequate laws or guidelines embodied. International copyright issues have always represented another obstacle especially when trying to protect a product that can be downloaded from the Internet and modified easily. Another interesting aspect is based on the different views about offers on the Internet. When doing eCommerce in Europe an offer on the Internet has not the same meaning and legal enforcements in the back than an Internet offer would have in the US. Digital signatures represent a way to settle contracts on the Internet and enhance security, however their legal basis varies tremendously throughout the world aligned with different liabilities - a truly international question addresses acknowledging and accepting different country-specific certificates. Partly because of the legal difficulties but also because of the uncertainties in association with the Internet, trust is a big concern when doing eCommerce. A variety of trustmarks for different areas has been evolving lately, however the approaches are different and not often of the same quality. The biggest challenge for secure eCommerce is going to be the unification of legal aspects, their enforcements and increasing the trust on the Net.`


Koch, D.M. (1999). THE LEGAL OBSTACLES AND THE PROBLEM OF TRUST ON THE INTERNET. In Proceedings of WebNet World Conference on the WWW and Internet 1999 (pp. 38-47). Honolulu, Hawaii: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). Retrieved February 5, 2023 from .