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Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology

2005 Volume 4, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. A Research on the Purpose of Internet Usage and Learning via Internet

    Nursel Selver Ruzgar

    New technologies are rapidly changing our ways of communication, and also the art of teaching, as well as extending ways of learning. The dramatic growth of Internet usage has changed the lives of ... More

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  2. Computer Based Social Studies Instruction: A Qualitative Case Study

    Mustafa Ulusoy

    In this study, the quality of the computer and Internet based social studies course was investigated. A case study design was chosen to understand, a) how computers are used in the eighth grade... More

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  3. A Research Proposal to Compare a Computer-Based and a Lecture-Based Computer Literacy Course

    Ilhan Varank

    Computer-based multimedia applications, because of their flexible and varied presentation capabilities, are considered an effective alternative to traditional training methods. Today in many... More

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  4. A Multi-Agent System Approach for Distance Learning Architecture

    Safiye Turgay

    The goal of this study is to suggest the agent systems by intelligence and adaptability properties in distance learning environment. The suggested system has flexible, agile, intelligence and... More

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  5. A Model Proposal for Instructional Technology and Multimedia Center for Faculty of Education

    Salih Usun

    The "Canakkale Faculty of Education", which was previously attached to Trakya (Thrace) University, became part of Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University (Turkey) when it was established in the... More

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