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School Library Association of Queensland and the International Association of School Librarianship Conference incorporating the International Forum on Research in School Librarianship


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Number of papers: 15

  1. Razzle Dazzle: Creating Interactive Library Spaces

    Barbara Combes

    Creating an interactive and engaging school library environment for your school community is an important prerequisite to establishing a creditable identity with teaching staff, which in turn,... More

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  2. The School Library and E-Learning Platforms

    Monica Morscheck

    The teacher-librarian should be the most effective weapon for collaborative teaching and learning within a school. Teacher-librarians do struggle to find time to effectively plan for the... More

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  3. Digital Citizenship: Developing an Ethical and Responsible Online Culture

    Cathy Oxley

    Responsible and ethical use of the Internet is not something that teenagers, in particular, consider to be important, and serious consequences are beginning to emerge as a result of careless and... More

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  4. Future of the Book? Challenge of the Digital World

    Pat Pledger

    In the last ten years there has been much speculation about the role of e-books and e-book readers. This paper will look at the impact of e-book readers on publishing and reading, the types of e... More

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  5. Boys, Blogs and Books

    Margo Pickworth

    In an action research project, young male students from Sydney, Australia and Richmond, USA contributed to a collaborative writing blog. Both groups of students shared the same text with their... More

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  6. The Role of the Librarian in Developing Leadership Capabilities in Staff

    Michael Hough

    This session will focus on the dilemmas and challenges of providing effective leadership skills for modern schools with digital information and communication technology (ICT) capabilities. It will ... More

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  7. Measuring Malaysia School Resource Centers' Standards through iQ-PSS: An Online Management Information System

    Fadzliaton Zainudin & Kamarulzaman Ismail

    The Ministry of Education has come up with an innovative way to monitor the progress of 9,843 School Resource Centers (SRCs) using an online management information system called iQ-PSS (Quality... More

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  8. Using Social Networks and ICTs to Enhance Literature Circles: A Practical Approach

    Andrea Walker

    The purpose of this paper is to describe and demonstrate how social networks such as "Facebook" and "Goodreads", and information and communication technologies (ICTs) tools like laptops and iPods... More

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  9. Information Seeking and Avoidance Behavior in School Library Distance Learning

    Yunfei Du

    Library science students in school librarianship were surveyed to determine their information seeking and avoidance behaviors in Web-based online environments. Two coping styles were identified... More

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  10. Personal, Portable, Multifunction-Devices and School Libraries

    Anne Weaver

    To maximise learning value from one-to-one programs in schools, computing devices need to be personal, portable and multifunctional. It is likely that shared devices will not be as effective. The... More

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  11. Invited Guest or Wedding Crasher?: School Librarians' Involvement in National Initiatives

    Nancy Everhart

    Nationwide education initiatives are underway in various parts of the world, including a push for national curricula in the U.S. and Australia. In Australia, school librarians have been invited... More

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  12. In Schools that Face the Future: Libraries Matter

    Michael Hough

    This address will provide an overview of the societal and economic pressures that are driving change in post industrial economies and their schools, review the characteristics of selected societies... More

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  13. MLC Libraries--A School Library's Journey with Students, Staff and Web 2.0 Technologies: Blogs, Wikis and E-Books--Where Are We Going Next?

    Jane Viner, Amanda Lucas, Tracey Ricchini & Regina Ri

    This workshop paper explores the Web 2.0 journey of the MLC Libraries' teacher-librarians, librarian, library and audio visual technicians. Our journey was initially inspired by Will Richardson and... More

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  14. The Leadership Role of the Teacher Librarian in Technology Integration: Early Results of a Survey of Highly Certified Teacher Librarians in the United States

    Nancy Everhart, Marcia A. Mardis & Melissa Johnston

    In 2008, the United States' Institute for Museum and Library Services funded Project Leadership-in-Action (LIA) that included surveys of the technology integration practices of teacher librarian... More

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  15. "Guitar Hero"? My Hero!

    Judith Way

    "Guitar Hero" is a video game where one or more players use a specially made game-style guitar to play along to popular and well-known songs. Players need to match the correct notes and timings of ... More

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