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School Arts

1989 Volume 89, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Exquisite Tools, Exquisite Art: Using Digitizers and Paint Programs

    James Andris

    Notes that the developments in microcomputers such as extended memory, sound and graphics capabilities, development of digitizing, and the introduction of paint programs have enhanced the... More

    pp. 17-19

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  2. What Are They Doing with Computers?

    K C. Warren

    Describes a color theory class at Memphis College of Art (Tennessee) that uses computers to stimulate student interest. Notes that computer knowledge and skills are becoming essential for the... More

    pp. 20-21

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  3. Of Mice and Kids

    Martha B. McClain

    Describes ways computers are used in the art education program of one elementary school. Illustrates how computers become centers where students learn to use the computer as a tool with which to... More

    pp. 36-37

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