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Research in Social Sciences and Technology

2018 Volume 3, Number 3



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Number of articles: 7

  1. The impact of pedagogical leadership on pedagogical coordination in secondary schools

    Inmaculada Marti­nez & Pedro Tadeu

    Educational Leadership has an international recognition as a factor in school improvement (OECD, 2009, 2014). The international investigations guarantee this. Within the multiplicity of... More

    pp. 1-15

  2. Effects of procrastination behavior, stress tolerance and study habits on academic achievements of Indian Students residing in India (Kerala) and UAE.

    Smitha Dev

    This paper is designed to study various factors affecting the academic achievements of high school students. The study was conducted on 210 high school students from Abu Dhabi and... More

    pp. 16-31

  3. Elementary School Teachers' Mathematical Connections in Solving Trigonometry Problem

    Sitti Saleh, Purwanto Purwanto, Sudirman Sudirman, Erry Hidayanto & Susiswo Susiswo

    This study aims to reveal mathematical connections of elementary school teachers in solving trigonometric problem. The subjects of this study were 22 elementary school teachers as the prospective... More

    pp. 32-41

  4. The Puerto Rican Flag - A Study in Vexillology

    Carlos Morales-Ramirez

    This study tests Puerto Ricans' knowledge about the national and municipal flag, since it is known that teaching with flags is part of the social studies standards of the island. Two questionnaires... More

    pp. 42-67

  5. Major Features, Benefits, and Prerequisites for Intelligent Enterprise Managing System

    Alexander Olefirenko & Alexey Galuschenko

    The modern conditions of high-tech and highly competitive markets require the evolution of the enterprise automation systems. Such new, the post-ERP systems should meet the conditions for the... More

    pp. 68-91

  6. The inter and intra Relationship between Economics, Administrative sciences and Social sciences disciplines

    Noureddine Benlagha & Wael Hemrit

    The aim of this paper is to present a framework proposal for measuring the extent to which the six disciplines (Economic, Administrative sciences, Finance and investment, Accounting, Banking and... More

    pp. 92-115

  7. Building English Vocabulary Schema Retention Using Review Value Calculation for ESL Students

    Cihangir Arslan & Burhan Tanis

    Vocabularies, the core of any language, is probably the most challenging and time-consuming part of learning a foreign language in a diverse and disperse community of learners. This study proposes ... More

    pp. 116-134