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Research in Social Sciences and Technology

May 20, 2018 Volume 3, Number 2



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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Pre-Service Teachers' Attitude on ELT Research

    Martin Kustati & Hidayat Al-Azmi

    This paper reports on a research determining the attitudes of pre-service EFL teachers’ attitude to research in English language teaching (ELT) in Indonesia. A mixed method was used in this study... More

    pp. 1-13

  2. Diagnosing the barriers for integrating Educational Technology in Physics courses in Lebanese secondary schools

    Fouad Yehya, Aziz Barbar & Suzanne Abou Rjeily

    This paper investigates the barriers affecting the success implementation of ICT in the Lebanese secondary physics classes. It is realistic based study adopted the descriptive quantitative method... More

    pp. 14-39

  3. Palestinian Teachers' Views on the Factors That Limit Students' Creativity and Some Possible Strategies to Overcome Them

    Ahmed Raba' & Hussam Harzallah

    This study seeks to investigate the degree of enhancing creative thinking skills in the English for Palestine and math curricula from the teachers of English and math perspectives. To accomplish... More

    pp. 40-57

  4. The Sustainability of Pancasila in Indonesian Education System

    Ronald Silalahi & Untung Yuwono

    Pancasila as the ideological foundation of Indonesia is inseparable from education. In the implementation level, education is directed to build the values of Pancasila through learning programs.... More

    pp. 58-78

  5. The Influence of Managerial Skill and Creativity on Decision Making in Public Junior High Schools of Tangerang City And Regency

    syafa'at huda

    The purpose of this research is  to  determine the influence of managerial ability and creativity on headmaster’s decision making in Junior High School of Counties and Tangerang City. &... More

    pp. 79-92

  6. From Rebellion to Riots

    Nasser Tolba

    This article aims to explore the phenomenon of political violence at Egyptian universities after the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood regime on June 30, 2013.  It is a critical analysis to... More

    pp. 93-114