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Research in Social Sciences and Technology

Apr 02, 2018 Volume 3, Number 1



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Number of articles: 9

  1. Incorporating Digital Technology in the General Education Classroom

    Eddia Solas & Frances Sutton

    The implementation of technology-based pedagogic practices is becoming increasingly significant in higher education as the admission of digital natives increase. This generation of students, so... More

    pp. 1-15

  2. Effectiveness of Coaching by School Improvement Partners through Good Relationship and Professionalism Skills Practiced

    Zalina Mohd Tahir & Nabihah Mohd Salleh

    School administrators consisting of Principals and Headmasters (PGB) play a significant role in leading the school to achieve excellence. To ensure that excellence is achieved within the timeframe ... More

    pp. 16-35

  3. Impact of Mentoring on At-Risk Youth

    Shazia Mirza

    This study is a Qualitative case study which highlights the important role of an educational leader using mentoring and socio emotional techniques to save her student from extremist activities in... More

    pp. 36-53

  4. World Englishes: Changing the Paradigm of Linguistic Diversity in Global Academia

    Azizah Alogali

    This paper discusses the ways that the publications of multilingual and non-native speakers of English are treated in academic publications. Using the World Englishes theory as a framework, it... More

    pp. 54-73

  5. Unlocking the Power of Inquiry: A Case Study on Elementary Science Professional Development Program

    Ramla Hozefa Poonawala

    This study examines the awareness of inquiry based teaching amongst elementary science teachers through a workshop intervention, conducted in a private school in Karachi, Pakistan. The case study... More

    pp. 74-85

  6. Students' Impressions on the Effectiveness of Online Discussion Forums

    Beena Vijayavalsalan

    Purpose: The study has evaluated the effectiveness of online discussion forums among the students of Abu Dhabi University, UAE. Results: The results have shown strong association between positive... More

    pp. 86-108

  7. Preparing teachers for the use of digital technologies in their teaching practice

    Vasileios Dagdilelis

    Greece these last 15 years has developed and implemented a large-scale system for the integration of digital technologies in education and more specifically in the teaching practice. "Large-scale" ... More

    pp. 109-121

  8. Evaluation on the Effectiveness and Usability of the Developed Collaborative Interaction Management System

    Salvacion Mata-Domingo

    A Collaborative Interaction Management System (CIMS) is a system that potentially provide some assistance to the teachers in managing the student’s collaborative interaction in forum discussions.... More

    pp. 122-133

  9. Extent of Students' Practices as Digital Citizens in the 21st century

    Salvacion Domingo & Nenita Guerrero

    This study aims to determine the level or extent of practices on the norms or behaviors of the participants with regard to the use of technology. It is technically termed as digital citizenship.... More

    pp. 134-148