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Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

2005 Volume 8, Number 4

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Critical Design and Administrative Issues in Online Education

    Richard J. Magjuka, Min Shi & Curtis J. Bonk

    For administrators who are contemplating an online program, it is vital to know the critical design and administrative issues to consider as well as the decision-making processes one might... More

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  2. An Organizational Diffusion Study on Distance Education

    Lillian Upton Smith, Donna L. Richter, Kathleen R. Miner, Ken Watkins & Stuart Usdan

    This research explored the diffusion process of distance education in schools of public health to determine best practices in the planning and implementation of future programs. The researcher... More

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  3. Online Groups and Social Loafing: Understanding Student-Group Interactions

    Sherry L. Piezon & Robin L. Donaldson

    This paper presents an overview of the psycho-social aspects of social loafing and free riding in a traditional and distance learning environment. A brief literature review and summaries of... More

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  4. Interactive Television (ITV) Courses and Students' Satisfaction

    Kenneth D. Royal & Kelly D. Bradley

    The purpose of this literature review is to identify and address major themes in the distance education literature, particularly as they relate to interactive television (ITV) and student... More

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  5. Course Completion Rates among Distance Learners: Identifying Possible Methods to Improve Retention

    Robert D. Nash

    Many colleges continue to report high attrition rates among distance education students. This study included a survey of students at Coastline Community College to determine why they dropped or... More

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  6. Addressing Faculty Concerns about Distance Learning

    Jennifer McLean

    Despite the rapid growth of distance learning programs, faculty are often resistant to moving their courses into a distance learning format. This article synthesizes the common sources of concern... More

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  7. Investigating the Relationship between Cost, Reach, and Richness in Distance Education

    Lenn Annetta

    Is the money allocated to institutional distance education getting the results on the back end in terms of student achievement? A literature review of cost analysis studies on distance education is... More

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