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Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

2004 Volume 7, Number 4

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  1. Course Management System Utilization and Implications for Practice: A National Survey of Department Chairpersons

    Charles F. Harrington, Scott A. Gordon & Timothy J. Schibik

    Over the last decade, the development of computer software and hardware directed toward education and the teaching and learning process has had tremendous impact on course delivery (Glahn and Gen, ... More

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  2. Measuring Student Perceptions in Web-Based Courses: A Standards-Based Approach

    Joe Jurczyk, Susan N. Kushner Benson & John R. Savery

    This paper outlines a method of identifying student perceptions throughout a distance learning course. Using a questionnaire based on standards from the Institute of Higher Education Policy (IHEP) ... More

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  3. From Recruitment to Graduation: A Whole-of-Institution Approach to Supporting Online Students

    Dianne P. Chambers

    Many universities and colleges are moving from traditional on-campus teaching to also teaching online courses to distant students. Institutions face many challenges in supporting their distant... More

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  4. A Decade of Innovation and Success in Virtual Learning: A World-Wide Asynchronous Graduate Program in Educational Leadership and Higher Education

    Sheldon L. Stick & Nataliya V. Ivankova

    The manuscript explains the rationale, development, and success of a computer-mediated asynchronous learning (CMAL) program of graduate studies in Educational Leadership and Higher Education... More

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