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Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research (NAER Journal)

Jul 15, 2014 Volume 3, Number 2


Universidad de Alicante, Spain Rosabel Roig Vila

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Developments in Transnational Research Collaborations: Evidence from U.S. Higher-education Activity

    Peter Koehn, Department of Political Science, University of Montana

    In our knowledge-driven era, multiple and mutual benefits accrue from transnational research linkages. The article identifies important directions in transnational research collaborations involving... More

    pp. 52-58

  2. Understanding the role of organizational factors in shaping the research careers of women academics in higher education

    Georgeta Ion, Department of Applied Pedagogy, Autonomous University of Barcelona

    This paper represents an attempt to make a theoretical contribution to its knowledge base through an analysis of the group factors which contribute to the success of women academics engaged in... More

    pp. 59-66

  3. An interdisciplinary study in initial teacher training

    Virginia Larraz Rada & Cristina Yez de Aldecoa, University of Andorra, Interdisciplinary Research Group on Education; Merc Gisbert Cervera & Cinta Espuny Vidal, University Rovira i Virgili, Laboratory for Applications of Technology in Education

    This experiment of innovative university education shows the interdisciplinary work carried out in the studies of the Bachelor of Science in Education at the University of Andorra. The study was... More

    pp. 67-74

  4. Solving math and science problems in the real world with a computational mind

    Juan Olabe, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Christian Brothers University, U.S, United States; Xabier Basogain, Department of Systems and Automatic Engineering, University of the Basque Country, Spain; Miguel Olabe, Departamento de Ingeniera de Comunicaciones, University of The Basque Country; Inmaculada Maz, Departamento de Psicologa Evolutiva, University of The Basque Country; Carlos Castao, Departamento de Organizacin Didctica, University of The Basque Country

    This article presents a new paradigm for the study of Math and Sciences curriculum during primary and secondary education. A workshop for Education undergraduates at four different campuses (n=242)... More

    pp. 75-82

  5. Assessing Adult Learner’s Numeracy as Related to Gender and Performance in Arithmetic

    Adeneye Awofala, Department of Science and Technology Education, Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, Nigeria; Anyikwa Blessing, Department of Adult Education, Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, Nigeria

    The study investigated adult learner numeracy as related to gender and performance in arithmetic among 32 Nigerian adult learners from one government accredited adult literacy centre in Lagos State... More

    pp. 83-92

  6. Effects of goal-setting skills on students’academic performance in english language in Enugu Nigeria

    Abe Idowu & Ilogu Chibuzoh, Department of Educational Foundations, University of Lagos, Nigeria; Madueke I, Yaba College of Technology

    The study investigated the effectiveness of goal-setting skills among Senior Secondary II students’ academic performance in English language in Enugu Metropolis, Enugu state, Nigeria. Quasi... More

    pp. 93-99

  7. The human-animal relationship: a new field of socio-educational action

    Joan-Mara Senent, Comparative Education and Education History Department

    This article analyses the educational approaches towards the animal-human relationship which have been developed during the last 20 years. The article establishes a chain of states in that... More

    pp. 100-106