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Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research (NAER Journal)

Jan 15, 2014 Volume 3, Number 1


Universidad de Alicante, Spain Rosabel Roig Vila

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Videogames: opportunities for learning

    Mara-Esther Del-Moral Prez, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Oviedo

    Issue introduction More

    p. 1

  2. Virtual communities in a secondary school – Discovering the internal grammar of video games

    Laura Mndez, Department of Evolutionary and Educational Psychology, UNED; Maria Garca-Perna & Sara Corts, Department of Philology, Documentation and Audiovisual Communication, University of Alcal

    This study attempts to show how the creation of an innovative scenario, introducing video games and online communities as educational resources in the classroom, facilitates the development of new ... More

    pp. 2-10

  3. CityVille: collaborative game play, communication and skill development in social networks

    Mara-Esther Del-Moral Prez, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Oviedo; Alba-Patricia Guzmn-Duque, Faculty of Management, Economics and Accounting, Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia

    This paper has as its aim to analyze how CityVille, a videogame hosted on Facebook and oriented to the construction of a virtual city, can favor collaboration between gamers along with the exchange... More

    pp. 11-19

  4. Can videogames be used to develop the infant stage educational curriculum?

    Vernica Marn Daz, Department of Education, University of Cordoba; Javier Martn-Prraga, Department of English and German Philology, University of Cordoba

    The utilization of videogames is not too common due to their consideration as an element that interferes with the educational and learning process. Thus, few teachers are ready to include... More

    pp. 20-25

  5. Evolution and natural selection: learning by playing and reflecting

    David Herrero, Hector del Castillo, Natalia Monjelat, Ana Garca-Varela, Mirian Checa & Patricia Gomez, Department of Educational Sciences, University of Alcal

    Scientific literacy is more than the simple reproduction of traditional school science knowledge and requires a set of skills, among them identifying scientific issues, explaining phenomena... More

    pp. 26-33

  6. Graphics, playability and social interaction, the greatest motivations for playing Call of Duty. Educational reflections

    Beatriz Marcano Lrez, International University of La Rioja

    War videogames raise a lot of controversy in the educational field and are by far the most played videogames worldwide. This study explores the factors that encouraged gamers to choose war... More

    pp. 34-41

  7. A proposal for generic competence assessment in a serious game

    Mara Bezanilla & Sonia Arranz, Innova Research Team, University of Deusto; Alex Rayn, DeustoTech Learning, University of Deusto; Isabel Rubio, Leisure and Human Development, University of Deusto; Iratxe Menchaca & Mariluz Guenaga, DeustoTech Learning, University of Deusto; Eduardo Aguilar, Leisure and Human Development, University of Deusto

    This paper focuses on the design of a serious game for the teaching and assessment of generic competences, placing particular emphasis on the competences assessment aspect. Taking into account... More

    pp. 42-51