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Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research (NAER Journal)

Jan 14, 2013 Volume 2, Number 1


Universidad de Alicante, Spain Rosabel Roig Vila

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Examining Oral Reading Fluency Trajectories Among English Language Learners and English Speaking Students

    Shane Jimerson, University of California; Sehee Hong, Yonsei University; Scott Stage, North Carolina State University; Michael Gerber, University of California

    Students’ oral reading fluency growth from first through fourth grade was used to predict their achievement on the Stanford Achievement Test (9th ed.; SAT-9 Reading) using a latent growth model.... More

  2. A cognitive-creative profile of emotional talent

    Rosario Bermejo, María Prieto, Mari Fernández, Gloria Soto & Marta Sainz, Universidad de Murcia

    Much attention has been paid to emotional intelligence and its correlations with other psychological constructs during the last few years. Nevertheless, studies focusing on emotionally intelligent ... More

  3. The impacts of individualization on equity educational policies

    Guadalupe Francia, Department of Education, Uppsala University

    The present article has as its aim to illustrate and discuss the impacts of individualization strategies on equity educational policies through the analysis of individualized teaching strategies... More

  4. Aims or purposes of school mediation in Spain

    María-Isabel Viana-Orta, Departamento de Educación Comparada e Historia de la Educación, Universtitat de València

    Mediation continues to expand, both geographically and in terms of scope. Depending on its purpose, there are three main consolidated mediation models or schools worldwide: the Traditional-Linear... More

  5. Assessing Personal Learning Environments (PLEs). An expert evaluation

    María Llorente Cejudo, Universidad de Sevilla

    On the basis of the Research Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education under the title “Design, production and evaluation of a 2.0 learning environment for faculty training in the use of ... More

  6. Practical experiences for the development of educational sys-tems in the semantic web

    Mª Sánchez Vera, Jesualdo Tomás Fernández, José Serrano Sánchez & M Prendes Espinosa, Universidad de Murcia

    Semantic Web technologies have been applied in educational settings for different purposes in recent years, with the type of application being mainly defined by the way in which knowledge is... More

  7. Rethinking the role of Higher Education

    Santiago Mengual-Andrés, Universidad de Valencia

    The market has to change as our current society becomes increasingly diverse and so do workers’ competences, which are now more and more cross-disciplinary. New training models have appeared... More