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Mid-South Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

November 1994

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 9

  1. Emerging Technology in School Site Administration: Implications for Increasing Human Potential

    Nathaniel L. Felder & I Emett Burnett

    This paper identifies an emerging capability in technology and considers relevant applications through school-site administration that could release teachers' creative human potential in ways... More

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  2. A Cross-Cultural Validation Study of the Computer Attitude Scale

    JinGyu Kim

    The reliability and factorial validity of the Computer Attitudes Scale (CAS) was assessed with college students in South Korea. The CAS was developed for use with high school students, but has been... More

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  3. The Relationships between Individual Difference Variables and Test Performance in Computerized Adaptive Testing

    JinGyu Kim & James E. McLean

    The relationship between several individual difference variables and test performance using computerized adaptive testing (CAT) was studied with 208 South Korean college students. The general... More

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  4. Are Preservice Teachers Acquiring Skills in Educational Technology, How and Where? Results of a National Survey

    Carol L. Bentley

    A survey was undertaken to acquire information about the preservice training of teachers in technology. The survey considered general information and student characteristics, learning about... More

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  5. The Historical Development of Fit and Its Assessment in the Computer Adaptive Testing Environment

    Gregory Ethan Stone

    The quality of fit between the data and the measurement model is fundamental to any discussion of results. Fit has been the subject of inquiry since as early as the 1920s. Most early explorations... More

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  6. A Comparison of Analysis of Covariance and Blocking Designs in a Gender and Science Context

    Elizabeth Grace Eller

    Data from a distance education project, Integrated Science 7 (IS7), were used to compare block designs with analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) for their ability to increase statistical power. The IS7 ... More

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  7. The Relationships among Gender, Computer Experience, and Attitudes toward Computers

    Soo-Back Moon

    As computers proliferate on college campuses across the world, it becomes very important to examine college students' attitudes toward computers from a cross-cultural perspective. The purpose of... More

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  8. The Virtual Classroom and Vertically Integrated Technology Training for Education: New Paradigms for Telecommunications Technology Training of School Personnel

    Marion T. Wesley & Melvin E. Franks

    Two new training and development initiative practices addressing telecommunications (Internet) training for education are presented: the Virtual Classroom and Vertically Integrated Technology... More

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  9. The Status of Technology Usage in Southeastern Louisiana and the Impediments to Technology Usage

    Beatrice Baldwin & Anne Sinclair

    A survey of 131 southeast Louisiana educators revealed a significant discrepancy between educators' familiarity with technology and media, and the accessibility of such technology. A questionnaire ... More

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