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American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

April 2009

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 4

  1. A Preliminary Investigation of Self-Directed Learning Activities in a Non-Formal Blended Learning Environment

    Richard A. Schwier, Dirk Morrison & Ben K Daniel

    This research considers how professional participants in a non-formal self-directed learning environment (NFSDL) made use of self-directed learning activities in a blended face-to-face and on line ... More

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  2. Instructional Designer Disciplinary-Based Formation of Self

    Heather Kanuka, Katy Campbell & Richard A. Schwier

    The purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of teaching (teacher perspectives) and learning (student perspectives) across the disciplines in ways that can better prepare... More

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  3. Spanning Boundaries: The Case of an Intercultural E-Consulting Experience

    Ana-Paula Correia, Evrim Baran & Kursat Cagiltay

    The purpose of this case study is to understand ways to plan, organize and facilitate experiences in which experts who are geographically dispersed act as effective consultants. Graduate students... More

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  4. Cyber-Extended Identity among Young Female Armenian Immigrants: A Segmented Assimilation

    Anne Jones

    Interviews with seven female immigrant Armenian high school students explore their modes of incorporation through examining how their interactions with the Internet shape their conceptions of home,... More

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