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Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

Dec 04, 2016 Volume 9, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. The Experience Machine: Existential Reflections on Virtual Worlds

    Stefano Gualeni, Institute of Digital Games - University of Malta

    Problems and questions originally raised by Robert Nozick in his famous thought experiment ‘The Experience Machine’ are frequently invoked in the current discourse concerning virtual worlds. Having... More

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  2. Learning from the “Edge” of Virtual Worlds

    Yesha Sivan, Tel Aviv University & Metaverse Labs

    During 2016 we got many JVWR submissions that dealt with the future of virtual worlds. Of them, a group of papers seems to suggest new angles and unique points of view. We packed these top five... More

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  3. Pokmon GO 2016: Exploring Situational Contexts of Critical Incidents in Augmented Reality

    Tuomas Kari, University of Jyvaskyla Faculty of Information Technology

    Pokmon GO, an augmented reality mobile game, captured the attention of millions of people around the world in July 2016. Various sources from around the globe have reported both positive and... More

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  4. Flow in Virtual Worlds: The Interplay of Community and Site Features as Predictors of Involvement

    Valerie Barker, School of Journalism & Media Studies

    Cultivating involvement within virtual worlds, where interactivity and community are salient, represents a key goal for virtual world leaders. This online survey of virtual world visitors conducted... More

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  5. Playful Constructivism: Making Sense of Digital Games for Learning and Creativity Through Play, Design, and Participation

    Vittorio Marone, The University of Texas at San Antonio

    The goal of this article is to provide a conceptual framework to better understand digital games in learning and creative contexts through the dimensions of play, design, and participation. This... More

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  6. Restorative Virtual Environment Design for Augmenting Nursing Home Rehabilitation

    Jon Bruun-Pedersen & Stefania Serafin, Aalborg University Copenhagen; Lise Kofoed, Professor Department of Architechture, Design and Media Technology

    With increasing age, muscle strength decreases excessively rapidly if physical activity is not maintained. However, physical activity is increasingly difficult with aging. This is due to balance,... More

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