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Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

Jan 24, 2014 Volume 7, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Linguistic and multilingual issues in virtual worlds and serious games: a general review

    Samuel Cruz-Lara, Alexandre Denis & Nadia Bellalem, LORIA (UMR 7503) / University of Lorraine

    Within a globalized world, the need for linguistic support is increasing every day. Linguistic information, and in particular multilingual textual information, plays a significant role for... More

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  2. Taxation of Virtual World Economies: A Review of the Current Status

    Jamie Switzer & Ralph Switzer, Colorado State University

    The taxation of virtual world economies is uncharted terrain, one that both researchers and government officials are just beginning to scrutinize. Taxes are inevitable in any economy, but what... More

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  3. Review of Educational Research Methods in Desktop Virtual World Environments: Framing the Past to Provide Future Direction

    Dennis Beck, University of Arkansas; Ross Perkins, Boise State University

    This article describes educational research methodologies being used in the investigation and evaluation of desktop virtual world environments (DVWEs) as used to teach a variety of subjects in... More

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  4. The Aspatial Economics of Virtual Worlds

    Edward Robinson, The University of Illinois

    This article compares and contrasts the economic geography of the physical world with that of virtual worlds, with an analytical focus on the spatial (and aspatial) characteristics of Blizzard... More

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  5. Overview: Virtual Reality in Medicine

    Claudio Pensieri & Maddalena Pennacchini, University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome

    Background: Virtual Reality (VR) was defined as a collection of technological devices: “a computer capable of interactive 3D visualization, a head-mounted display and data gloves equipped with one ... More

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  6. Taking a Broader View by Looking Deeper

    Yesha Sivan

    The field of virtual worlds is vast, interconnected and expanding. In this issue, we take a review lantern and shed some light on some of the field’s aspects. Clearly, we do not cover everything.... More

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  7. Privacy in Virtual Worlds: A US Perspective

    Jeannie Pridmore & John Overocker

    Virtual Worlds (VW) are intricate 3-dimensional, vivid environments that are the digital equivalents of the physical world (Glibert, 2011). VWs offer new and engaging methods of Information and... More