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Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

Sep 14, 2017 Volume 10, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. De-Roling from Experiences and Identities in Virtual Worlds

    Stefano Gualeni, Daniel Vella & Johnathan Harrington

    Within dramatherapy and psychodrama, the term \u2018de-roling\u2019 indicates a set of activities that assist the subjects of therapy in \u2018disrobing\u2019 themselves from their fictional... More

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  2. Empathy with Non-Player Characters? An Empirical approach to the Foundations of Human/Non-Human Relationships

    Jonathan Harth

    This study deals with the question in which extent non-player characters (NPCs), in the practice of playing video games, appear as social persons ready for relationships or if they are only treated... More

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  3. Not Playing the Game: Negative Opinions about Online Dating and Video Gaming among Non-Participants

    Max Marc

    Per prior research, both online dating and video gaming are strongly associated with real and virtual relationship formation among participants. Yet this exploratory research study finds that... More

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  4. Harsh Words and Deeds: Systematic Content Analyses of Offensive* User Behavior in the Virtual Environments of Online First-Person Shooter Games

    Adrienne Holz Ivory, James Ivory, Winston Wu, Anthony Limperos, Nathaniel Andrew & Brandon Sesler

    While the virtual environments of online games can foster healthy relationships and strong communities, some online games are also marred by antisocial and offensive behavior. Such behavior, even... More

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