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Journal of STEM Education

Aug 04, 2005 Volume 2, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 11

  1. Announcements and Recognitions

  2. Putting Education in the Picture

    James Powlik & Norman Fortenberry

    Dissemination of quality content and best practices in education increasingly includes the use of electronic media in lieu of textbooks or direct student-teacher interaction. Several NSF-supported ... More

  3. Instructions for Authors

  4. Improve Teaching of System Dynamics and Response Using Smart Material Experiment

    Gangbing Song & Paul Lam

    The goal of this paper is to present simple but effective classroom demonstrations and experiments for mechanical engineering students who are taking System Dynamics and Response (SDR). By taking... More

  5. SMET Related Citations from Other Journals

  6. JSTEM Front Cover

  7. Multiple Information Systems Coping with a Growing and Changing Business: Robert Bosch Corporation

    Karl-Heinz Rau & Chetan Sankar

    Bosch is a name known throughout the world for many of its products. These include, for example, electrical and electronic automotive equipment, private and public communications technology, power ... More

  8. Innovations and Research Reviewers

  9. International Editorial Advisory Board Members

  10. Student Use (and Non-Use) of Instructional Software

    Amy Roskowski, Richard Felder & Lisa Bullard

    After thirty years of failing to live up to the promises of its proponents, instructional technology has finally started to play an effective role in science, mathematics, engineering, and... More

  11. JSTEM Back Cover