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Journal of STEM Education

Mar 30, 2018 Volume 19, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Working with the Wesley College Cannon Scholar Program: Improving Retention, Persistence, and Success

    Malcolm D'Souza, Kevin Shuman, Derald Wentzien & Kristopher Roeske

    Wesley College secured a five-year (2014-2019) National Science Foundation (NSF) S-STEM (scholarships in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) grant to provide affordability and access... More

  2. Impact of Course Policy Changes on Calculus I DFW Rates

    Paran Norton, William Bridges & Karen High

    This paper examines the impact of departmental policy changes on the trend in DFW proportions for introductory calculus at a large research university. We defined three distinct policy periods:... More

  3. Educators in Industry: An Exploratory Study to Determine how Teacher Externships Influence K-12 Classroom Practices

    Bradley Bowen & Teresa Shume

    This exploratory study investigates the impacts of industry-based externships for K-12 teachers, and reports teachers\u2019 perspectives on how these experiences influenced K-12 classroom practices... More

  4. STEM Focused High School and University Partnership: Alternative Solution for Senioritis Issue and Creating Students’ STEM Curiosity

    Mustafa Icel & Matthew Davis

    The purpose of this study is to evaluate how the high school-college partnership reflects on “senioritis\u201d and students STEM curiosity. The term “senioritis\u201d described in this paper refers... More

  5. SPARCT: A STEM Professional Academy to Reinvigorate the Culture of Teaching

    Laura Frost, Ludwika Goodson, Jackie Greene, Tanya Huffman, Tanya Kunberger & Brian Johnson

    We examined three years of data from the STEM Professional Academy to Reinvigorate the Culture of Teaching (SPARCT) program. SPARCT consists of a year-long professional development opportunity in... More

  6. Overcoming Barriers in Access to High Quality Education After Matriculation: Promoting Strategies and Tactics for Engagement of Underrepresented Groups in Undergraduate Research via Institutional Diversity Action Plans

    Sophie Pierszalowski, Rican Vue & Jana Bouwma-Gearhart

    Considerable work is still required to eliminate disparities in postsecondary STEM persistence and success across student groups. Engagement in faculty-mentored research has been employed as one... More

  7. The Process of Collaborative Concept Mapping in Kindergarten and the Effect on Critical Thinking Skills

    NarayanKripa Sundararajan, Olusola Adesope & Andy Cavagnetto

    To develop and nurture critical thinking, students must have opportunities to observe and practice critical thinking in the classroom. In this parallel mixed method classroom study, we investigate ... More

  8. Enhancing Learning Power in First-Year Courses for Students Majoring in STEM Disciplines

    Robert Koch, John Kucsera, Kathryn Bartle Angus, Kimberly Norman, Erica Bowers, Pradee Nair, HyeSun Moon, Afshin Karimi & Susamma Barua

    Academic programs targeted for first-time students can help their persistence in STEM majors. Our project, ASCEND STEM, included a first-year experience (FYE) designed to offer students the skills ... More