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Journal of STEM Education

Mar 05, 2016 Volume 17, Number 1

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Number of articles: 13

  1. An Engineering Research Program for High School Science Teachers: Year Two Changes and Results

    Brian DeJong, Central Michigan University

    The research experiences for teachers program at Author University was initiated to team in-service and pre-service teachers with undergraduate engineering students and engineering faculty, in an... More

  2. Learning Beyond the Science Classroom: A Roadmap to Success

    Laura Starr & Dennis Minchella, Purdue University

    Today’s college graduates compete in a global market fueled by rapid innovation and constant technological advances. In order to be able to contribute to and advance in these highly demanding... More

  3. Using Mathematics and Engineering to Solve Problems in Secondary Level Biology

    Charles Cox, Birdy Reynolds, Anita Schuchardt & Christian Schunn

  4. A Social Cognitive Approach to Understanding Engineering Career Interest and Expectations among Underrepresented Students in School-Based Clubs

    Sandra Dika, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

    Interest in engineering at early stages of the educational career is one important precursor to choosing to study engineering in college, and engineering-related clubs are designed to foster such... More

  5. JSTEM Back Cover 17.1

    P Raju

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  6. Instructions for Authors

    P Raju

    Instructions for Authors More

  7. The Development of Pedagogical Content Knowledge in First-Year Graduate Teaching Assistants

    Thomas Judson & Matthew Leingang

    Our investigation is concerned with how new teachers develop their ability to understand student thinking. We conducted individual in- terviews with graduate students teaching calculus for the... More

  8. JSTEM Front Cover 17.1 Final

    P Raju

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  9. Contribution Form

    P Raju

    Contribution Form More

  10. The Influence and Outcomes of a STEM Education Research Faculty Community of Practice

    Louis Nadelson

    To address the need to increase STEM faculty member expertise in STEM education research I developed a faculty community of practice (FCP) focused on increasing knowledge and experience in STEM... More

  11. A Study of the Impact of the Siena College S-STEM Program on Student Outcomes

    Larry Medsker, Siena College

    The experimental group for this study included 38 students who entered the Tech Valley Scholars (TVS) program over the course of three academic years, from 2009-10 through 2011-12. Two groups of... More

  12. Rethink Traditional teaching methods to improve learning and retention

    Richard Felder

    Book Review by Richard M Felder More

  13. International Editorial Advisory Board

    P Raju

    International Editorial Advisory Board More