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Journal of Open, Flexible, and Distance Learning

1997 Volume 3, Number 1


Alison J. Fields

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Eliciting and analysing expectations of novice distance learners

    Cynthia White, Massey University

    This paper reports on an investigation into how 'novice' distance learners conceptualise the process of distance study. In order to elicit reports of expectations and to track shifts in such... More

    pp. 2-10

  2. A quality picture: Perspectives on a distance learning programme

    Andrea McIlroy, Massey University

    Quality measures are now widely applied in higher education including in distance and open learning programmes. While quality assessment in distance education has traditionally focused on outputs... More

    pp. 11-18

  3. Narrative and constructivism in cyberspace: Instructional design for distance delivery using hypertext on the internet

    Nick Zepke, Wellington Polytechnic

    This explores two aspects of instructional design in the delivery of distance using hypertext on the Internet. It first considers the role of narrative: a fixed sequence of learning experiences... More

    pp. 19-27

  4. Secondary school student Responses to learning the Japanese language at a distance in New Zealand

    Setsuo Otsuka & Ken Stevens, Victoria University of Wellington

    This paper describes both the positive and negative aspects of learning the Japanese language at a distance as experienced by secondary school students. Among the former students identified... More

    pp. 28-30