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Journal of Educational Technology & Society

2004 Volume 7, Number 1

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Teacher Training as Collaborative Problem Solving

    Jorge Barojas

    A problem solving protocol is described and then applied to a teacher training problematic situation in science and technology education. The problem consists of improving a learning community... More

    pp. 21-28

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  2. An Online Assistant for Remote, Distributed Critiquing of Electronically Submitted Assessment

    Penny Baillie-de Byl

    This paper outlines the architecture for an online assessment management system implemented at the University of Southern Queensland. The system assists teams of academics in the management and... More

    pp. 29-41

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  3. Modeling Web-Based Educational Systems: Process Design Teaching Model

    Franca Pantano Rokou, Elena Rokou & Yannis Rokos

    Using modeling languages is essential to the construction of educational systems based on software engineering principles and methods. Furthermore, the instructional design is undoubtedly the... More

    pp. 42-50

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  4. General Practitioners and Online Continuing Professional Education: Projected Understandings

    Jan Brace-Govan & Mark Gabbott

    Continuing professional education seems to be particularly suited to the online environment with opportunities to communicate anywhere anytime. This appears to be convenient and time efficient for ... More

    pp. 51-62

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  5. The Effects of a Constructivist Intervention on Pre-Service Teachers

    Kathryn DiPietro

    The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of pre-service teachers' participation in a constructivist intervention supported by technology on their confidence in their own ability to... More

    pp. 63-77

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  6. Emerging Online Learning Environments and Student Learning: An Analysis of Faculty Perceptions

    Myers Carrie B., Dennis Bennett, Gary Brown & Tom Henderson

    New educational technologies and online learning environments (OLEs) are infiltrating today's college classes and campuses. While research has examined many aspects of this permeation, one research... More

    pp. 78-86

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  7. Preparing for Distance Learning: Designing an Online Student Orientation Course

    Jane Bozarth, Diane D. Chapman & Laura LaMonica

    This paper describes the analysis undertaken to design a 1-credit-hour online orientation course for students new to online learning. An instructional design team, as a part of an advanced... More

    pp. 87-106

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  8. Higher Education Staff Experiences of Using Web-Based Learning Technologies

    Debra Salmon & Mathew Jones

    Given the drive in higher education institutions to employ web-based learning (WBL) technologies in their curricula, this article sets out to address the question of how staff experience the... More

    pp. 107-114

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  9. Cohort Learning Online in Graduate Higher Education: Constructing Knowledge in Cyber Community

    Elizabeth J. Tisdell, Gabriele I. E. Strohschen, Mary Lynn Carver, Pam Corrigan, Janet Nash, Mary Nelson, Mike Royer, Robin Strom-Mackey & Marguerite O'Connor

    This paper discusses a qualitative participatory action research study, which examined the nature of the cohort learning experience in an online master's program, from both faculty and student... More

    pp. 115-127

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