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Journal of Learning Design

Volume 8, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Teaching Independent Learning Skills in the First Year: A Positive Psychology Strategy for Promoting Law Student Well-Being

    Rachael Field, James Duffy & Anna Huggins

    Empirical evidence in Australia and overseas has established that in many university disciplines, students begin to experience elevated levels of psychological distress in their first year of study... More

    pp. 1-10

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  2. "Oh, the Places You'll Go!": Newcastle Law School's Partnership Interventions for Well-Being in First Year Law

    Katherine Lindsay, Dianne Kirby, Teresa Dluzewska & Sher Campbell

    Since "Courting the Blues" was published by Kelk, Luscombe, Medlow and Hickie in 2009, legal educators across Australia have been measuring psychological distress in law students, as well... More

    pp. 11-21

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  3. Creating Practice Ready, Well and Professional Law Graduates

    Anneka Ferguson

    There is a growing movement to create successful, ethical, well-rounded and practice ready legal professionals both in terms of their content knowledge and their mental well-being. As a Legal... More

    pp. 22-37

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  4. Sustainability in the Real Property Law Curriculum: Why and How

    Kate Galloway

    Traditionally considered the preserve of environmental law, for the lawyer and the legal academic, sustainability does not immediately come to mind in considering the subjects of the core... More

    pp. 31-42

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  5. The Postgraduate Capstone Experience: Negotiating the Pedagogical Tensions

    Jacqueline Mowbray

    In designing a capstone experience, legal educators may encounter a number of tensions between competing pedagogical imperatives and conflicting capstone principles. Should we focus on teaching... More

    pp. 43-52

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  6. Creating a Global Law Graduate: The Need, Benefits and Practical Approaches to Internationalise the Curriculum

    Carmel O'Sullivan & Judith McNamara

    The increasingly integrated world has facilitated important international and trans-border trends, such as a progressively connected global economy, a significant growth in transnational business... More

    pp. 53-65

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