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Journal of Learning Design

2007 Volume 2, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Report of Best Practice: Development of an Ethics Manual as an Integral Component of Undergraduate Curriculum and Application for Graduates and Practitioners

    Lyndall Annette Angel & Maree Donna Simpson

    An ethics manual to support undergraduate lectures or practitioners in a healthcare environment has been developed. The manual was developed from course materials designed to ensure an integrated... More

    pp. 1-13

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  2. Delivering on the E-Learning Promise: A Case for a Learning Environment that Enables Collaborative Online Problem Solving (COPS)

    Sylvia Lauretta Edwards, Jason Watson, Ann Farrell & Robyn Nash

    Research spanning the last thirty years confirms that people learn better by active enquiry, collaboration and experimental problem solving than by passive reception and acceptance of information. ... More

    pp. 25-36

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  3. An Academic Integrity Approach to Learning and Assessment Design

    Margaret Hamilton & Joan Richardson

    In this paper, we discuss the role of the educator in terms of designing a learning environment for the student which encourages the student to develop their own academic integrity. In such an... More

    pp. 37-51

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  4. Designed and User-Generated Activity in the Mobile Age

    Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, John Traxler & John Pettit

    The paper addresses the question of how to design for learning taking place on mobile and wireless devices. The authors argue that learning activity designers need to consider the characteristics... More

    pp. 52-65

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