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Journal of Interactive Learning Research

October 2016 Volume 27, Number 4


Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. A Framework for Designing Collaborative Learning Environments Using Mobile AR

    Thomas Cochrane, Vickel Narayan & Laurent Antonczak, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

    Smartphones provide a powerful platform for augmented reality (AR). Using a smartphone’s camera together with the built in GPS, compass, gyroscope, and touch screen enables the real world... More

    pp. 293-316

  2. Variability in University Students’ Use of Technology: An 'Approaches to Learning' Perspective

    Mike Mimirinis, Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom

    This study reports the results of a cross-case study analysis of how students’ approaches to learning are demonstrated in blended learning environments. It was initially propositioned that... More

    pp. 317-338

  3. Measuring knowledge, acceptance, and perceptions of telehealth in an interprofessional curriculum for student nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, and physical therapists

    Ken Randall, University of Oklahoma - Tulsa, College of Allied Health, United States; Brigitte Steinheider, University of Oklahoma - Tulsa, Organizational Dynamics Department of Psychology, United States; Mary Isaacson, University of Oklahoma - Tulsa, College of Allied Health, United States; Ann Shortridge & Stephanie Byrd, University of Oklahoma - Tulsa, College of Nursing, United States; Carrie Ciro, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, College of Allied Health, United States; Heather Ross, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, College of Public Health, United States; Gary Loving, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, College of Nursing, United States

    Introduction: The use of telehealth in service delivery is both challenging and beneficial. This paper describes the results of a three semester-long interprofessional education program in team... More

    pp. 339-353

  4. Using Multimodal Learning Analytics to Identify Patterns of Interactions in a Body-Based Mathematics Activity

    Carmen Smith, University of Vermont, United States; Barbara King, Florida International University, United States; Diana Gonzalez, University of Vermont, United States

    Elementary students’ difficulties with angles in geometry are well documented, but we know little about how they conceptualize angles while solving problems and how their thinking changes over time... More

    pp. 355-379

  5. Supporting Oral Narrative Development of Kindergarten English Language Learners Using Multimedia Stories

    Sha Yang, University of Houston-Clear Lake, United States

    Narrative ability comes before literacy for bilingual students and helps narrow down the gap in text-level literacy between English language learners (ELLs) and native English speakers.... More

    pp. 381-397