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Journal of Interactive Learning Research

July 2007 Volume 18, Number 3


Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Understanding the Effects of Databases as Cognitive Tools in a Problem-Based Multimedia Learning Environment

    Rui Li, Univ. of Texas - Austin, United States; Min Liu, Univ. of Texas- Austin, United States

    The purpose of this study is to examine the potential of using computer databases as cognitive tools to share learners' cognitive load and facilitate learning in a multimedia problem-based learning... More

    pp. 345-363

  2. Management of an eLearning Evaluation Project: The e3Learning Model

    Paul Lam & Carmel McNaught, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    This article describes the evaluation of purpose-built course websites for university-level teaching and learning developed by a funded project (e3Learning, e3L) in Hong Kong, which was designed to... More

    pp. 365-380

  3. The Use of Learning Objects and Learning Styles in a Multi-Agent Education System

    Shanghua Sun, Mike Joy & Nathan Griffiths, University of Warwick, United Kingdom

    ** Invited as a paper from ED-MEDIA 2005 ** Adaptive learning and teaching strategies are increasingly demanded in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the education process, but... More

    pp. 381-398

  4. Developmental Process Model for the Java Intelligent Tutoring System

    Ed Sykes, Sheridan College, School of Applied Computing and Engineering Sciences, Canada

    ** Invited as a paper from ED-MEDIA 2005 ** The Java Intelligent Tutoring System (JITS) was designed and developed to support the growing trend of Java programming around the world. JITS is an... More

    pp. 399-410

  5. Making a Case for Using Electronic Performance Support Systems in Academic Libraries

    Paul van Schaik, Philip Barker & Oladeji Famakinwa, University of Teesside, United Kingdom

    Electronic performance support system (EPSS) technology provides a powerful mechanism for helping end-users operate complex systems. This article describes and discusses some research we have... More

    pp. 411-428

  6. Topic Maps: Adopting User-Centred Indexing Technologies in Course Management Systems

    Vivek Venkatesh, Concordia University, Canada; Steven Shaw, Concordia Universityc, Canada; Dennis Dicks, Gretchen Lowerison, Dai Zhang & Roukana Sanjakdar, Concordia University, Canada

    This article provides an empirical evaluation of an indexing technology, topic maps (ISO 13250), in the context of an academic task in a higher education context. Topic maps are a form of indexing ... More

    pp. 429-450