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Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Aug 02, 2016 Volume 1, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 12

  1. Workbook for 5th Grade

    Merve Çiftçi

    My Daily Routines, We can Do it, We Like it, Colours of the World More

  2. The Correct and Incorrect in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in Turkey from the Eye of the Learners

    Esranur Aslanyürek & Berna Doğrul

    English language education has been an important constituent of Turkish educational system since the worldwide popularization of English as a foreign language, especially after the second half of... More

  3. English for 5th Graders

    Beyza Silsüpür

    My Daily Routine, Health, Movies More

  4. The Effects of Teacher’s Gender on EFL Learning in Primary Education

    Seda Karadeniz

    In the present study, the effect of teachers’ gender on EFL learning in primary education was investigated separately for males and females. The participants were 86 volunteer students of different... More

  5. Songs for Kids

    Cansu Tandoğan

    Baa Baa Black Sheep, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old MacDonald Had A Farm, Five Little Monkeys, Six Little Ducks, Muffin Man, I'm a Little Teapot More

  6. E-Book - Picture Dictionary

    Esra Demir

    The Alphabet, Family Members, Parts of the Body, Home, Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, Clothes, Seasons, Vehicles, Jobs, Daily Routines, Numbers, Colours. More

  7. Summer Book: 3rd Graders

    Ecenur Balaban

    Animals, Fruit and Vegetables, Cartoon Characters, Family, Weather Conditions, Transportation More

  8. E-Book - 3rd Grade

    Büşra Onur

    My Family, Feelings, My House, Nature More

  9. The Contribution of the Teaching Skills Courses and General Knowledge Courses of the Teacher Trainee Programme in the ELT Department of Uludag University

    Emre Bakan

    The current study assessed the ongoing English Language Teacher Trainee Programme at Uludag University from the teacher trainees’ point of view. The study aimed to reveal if the teaching skills... More

  10. Does Learner Autonomy Affect the Language Learning Process?

    İsmail Sunar

    The aim of this research is to determine if there is an impact of autonomy level of the learner on his/her language learning process. To determine this, a questionnaire was administered to 20... More

  11. English Grammar and Vocabulary E-Book: 2nd Grade

    Yasemin Güler

    Fruits, Love/Like/Dislike More

  12. The Factors Affecting Learners’ Motivation in English Language Education

    Seda Ekiz & Zahitjan Kulmetov

    Teachers and researchers have broadly accepted motivation/demotivation as one of the most important elements in foreign language (L2) learning. The present research investigated the role of... More